Add Logo

{ Add Logo } is a firm based in Lynchburg, VA that does brand management, social media, and CRM for other businesses. I was hired to help them with their own branding and website! I really loved this project because it brought me out of my comfort zone with design.

The website will be live and linked soon! Also look out for Add Logo on all social media platforms! I will be working with them there as well.


This project is still in the works and I’m so excited to share what I’ve worked on so far. Bawtin is a company who does a little bit of everything. Bawtin is a parent company for a shared workspace, a design firm, a local bar, and are always looking for fields to grow in to. Because of this thier branding needed to be clean, simple, and universal. The companies under the Bawtin umbrella in the future needed to have a way to fit in.

The name Bawtin is an ode to the owners grandparents. They loved boating and that is where some of the inspiration for the branding came from. The colors tie in a nautical element and so does the icon. The red icon above is an ode to the nautical flag for Bravo, or the letter B.

Kelly Roberts Wellness

Kelly Roberts is a pilates instructor and entrepreneur in Bethany Beach, DE. She owns and operates her own pilates studio, produces exercise videos, and blogs about her nutritional and lifestyle habits.

Kelly had hired me for various projects including, social media consulting, video editing, graphic design, and soon we will be working together to produce a podcast.

Academy Center of the Arts

During the last semester of my senior year I interned at the Academy Center of the Arts in Lynchburg, VA. I worked under the Director of Operations for six months and learned about how to manage a large staff, work under pressure, and develop relationships with clients and donors.

The newly restored Historic Theatre is a large commercial rental venue as well as a production space that needed signage and maps of the building. Using Adobe Illustrator I created these maps from scratch. The layouts went on to be used for rental clients to explain the spaces as well as for fire safety.

Campus and Backstage Maps

Signs created for backstage are color coded by level. Each level had approximately 8 – 12 signs which were hung and framed in appropriate locations.


Academy Center of the Arts | Lynchburg, VA | Jan 2019 – June 2019

  • Developed marketing resources and designed materials for multiple events and fundraisers
  • Curated content for various social media platforms
  • Collaborated with a team of 3 in the event planning department to customize deliverables and services per clients’ specifications
  • Created event and campus maps for the Academy using Adobe Illustrator

Rockfish Media Group

As an intern at Rockfish Media Group, I applied the skills I learned during school in a professional setting. I curated content and posts for Rockfish Media Group’s social media. I created templates for contracts and case studies to be used and sent to clients.


Rockfish Media Group | Easton, MD | May 2018 – Aug 2018

  • Produced and cooperated alongside a team of 3 to produce marketing plans for clients
  • Researched competing businesses and designed market research reports for multiple clients
  • Designed and proofed contracts, case studied and advertisements

My Eastern Shore Wedding

Here are some blog posts I helped curate from when I interned at My Eastern Shore Wedding. Each post was uploaded to the MESW Blog, Facebook, and Instagram feeds.

Began a marketing campaign by gifting custom tote bags to popular wedding venues and photographers. Designed tags describing the product for future clients!


My Eastern Shore Wedding, MESW | Easton, MD | May 2018 – Aug 2018

  • Curated content and produced blog and social media posts for MESW
  • Communicated with photographers and venues for feature posts on MESW
  • Scheduled and planned social media posts using Hootsuite